Gnarus Systems


Virtual Screening

Gnarus Systems announces cat-SAR based virtual screening. Cat-SAR models developed with 10s to 1000s of proprietary or public data are now capable to virtually screen large libraries of chemicals. Virtual hits can be readily prioritized for further study based on validation results from the parent model.

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Consulting Service

Gnarus Systems offers predictive toxicological assessment of chemicals, SAR model development, and virtual screening on an ad hoc basis.

Direct Access

For larger projects, Gnarus Systems can provide users with secure cloud-based access to the cat-SAR expert system along with validated predictive models.

Complete System

Similar to "Direct Access" with the added advantage that users can update/alter exisitng models as well as produce models with user specific data. In this case, users can develop, validate, and use models based on private or proprietary data.