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Introducing cat-SAR

Gnarus Systems is pleased to introduce cat-SAR; a peer-reviewed in silico toxicity prediction expert system. The cat-SAR system associates 2-dimensional chemical fragments with active or inactive compounds in a learning set. Unlike many other approaches, cat-SAR is transparent and model parameter selection is controlled by the user. As such, the approach is sharable and allows unrestricted user scrutiny, intervention and model optimization throughout the SAR modeling process. This rationale negates any a priori requirements that a given set of data must fit the attributes of a predefined and often proprietary modeling process.

The cat-SAR system essentially “learns” about the biological activity of chemicals by analyzing “learning sets” of data. These are endpoint specific databases of toxicological or pharmacological chemical activity (e.g., carcinogens and developmental toxicants) that are assembled by us or others. Currently, we have validated and usable learning sets for a variety of health endpoints including cancer, anticancer, genotoxicity, developmental toxicity, and chemical allergy.

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Consulting Service

Gnarus Systems offers predictive toxicological assessment of chemicals, SAR model development, and virtual screening on an ad hoc basis.

Direct Access

For larger projects, Gnarus Systems can provide users with secure cloud-based access to the cat-SAR expert system along with validated predictive models.

Complete System

Similar to "Direct Access" with the added advantage that users can update/alter exisitng models as well as produce models with user specific data. In this case, users can develop, validate, and use models based on private or proprietary data.