Gnarus Systems

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How It Works

cat‐SAR Expert System
cat-SAR® is a reliable and cost effective means to predict a range of toxicological or pharmacological endpoints.

In simple terms, users send a chemical structure to Gnarus using standard file formats from which cat-SAR® makes a prediction and Gnarus returns the result to the user.

1. Chemicals are fragmented in silico into all possible fragments meeting user-specified criteria; for example, all fragments three and seven heavy atoms in size.

2. A measure of each fragment’s association with biological activity is next determined.

3. The resulting list of fragments is then used for mechanistic analysis or to predict the activity of an unknown compound.

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Consulting Service

Gnarus Systems offers predictive toxicological assessment of chemicals, SAR model development, and virtual screening on an ad hoc basis.

Direct Access

For larger projects, Gnarus Systems can provide users with secure cloud-based access to the cat-SAR expert system along with validated predictive models.

Complete System

Similar to "Direct Access" with the added advantage that users can update/alter exisitng models as well as produce models with user specific data. In this case, users can develop, validate, and use models based on private or proprietary data.